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Ladderly is an ecosystem of passionate learners and innovators. Ladderly provides a set of tools and educational programs dedicated to accelerating your journey in tech.

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Our Core Values

  1. Generosity & Community: Ladderly thrives on mutual support. Members help each other learn, grow, and succeed. Our strength lies in our community.
  2. Freedom: We value freedom. We champion free services to uplift all, especially those less privileged. We value open source and open science.
  3. Open Source: We advocate for open-source technology. The curriculum we teach, the research we produce, and this website are all open source!
  4. Science: At Ladderly, we emphasize data-driven and evidence-based strategies for our students. We continuously experiment, learn, share back with the community, and improve our tools based on what we find.
  5. Diversity: Our community thrives on diverse minds coming together. Multiple perspectives, united by a shared vision, lead us to truth and innovation.
  6. Personalized & Intelligent Defaults: We are literally immune to analysis paralysis! Instead of overwhelming choices, we present intelligent defaults, with prioritized alternatives and fallback strategies if the primary approach doesn't work for you.
  7. Curation & Humility: We celebrate the expertise of others. If someone else does it better, we happily refer you to external resources, instead of trying to be the best at everything. Partnership, honesty, and continuous improvement are our cornerstones. Curation is a major part of our value proposition.
  8. Quality of Life: We endorse a high-performance lifestyle, underpinned by health, rest, and joy. Celebrate achievements, big or small, and advance your skills and career, without encouraging workaholism or other unhealthy habits.

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