| 1. The Community Bounty Feature: Join the Revolution!

1. The Community Bounty Feature: Join the Revolution!

We're excited to announce the Community Bounty, a feature of Ladderly aimed at fostering diverse education, community feedback, and growth. This feature allows paid members to unlock benefits for themselves and for unpaid members.

Paid membership is available for as little as $1/month and every dollar counts towards Community Bounty goals. Here are four features currently eligible for bounty:

  1. No More Ads: Imagine an uninterrupted learning experience. No distractions, pure coding bliss!

  2. Enhanced Supabase Database Tier: Ladderly is currently running on the Supabase free tier, which is...not ideal. The database goes into sleep mode on occassion, slowing the site, and harming user experience. In addition, there is limitted ability to recover from damage to the database. Help us upgrade!

  3. Enriched Ladderly IRL Events: These real-life events are a great networking and learning opportunity. Help us figure out whether to invite you to Taco Bell or a tropical restort. If you are splitting hairs over the fact that those aren't mutually exclusive options, you might make an excellent programmer!

  4. Seamless Calendly Integration: No more scheduling hassles! Organize meetings or calls efficiently and effortlessly.

Join now to make a real difference to the community! This is a great way to help those with less ability to pay at the moment. Paid members also get to shape the feature development roadmap.

Paying for a membership also unlocks a number of exclusive benefits for yourself. Under our "Pay What You Can" tier, you can access an advanced checklist with additional tips to give yourself an unfair advantage in the job search, discounted consultations, priority support, and more.

Amplify your influence on the roadmap and receive additional perks with the Premium Tier, starting at just $30/month. Gain free access to all Ladderly IRL events, accrue free session time, get personally recognized for your support of the site, and more.

Sign up now with a "Pay What You Can" or Premium Subscription and let's unlock the future of coding together!