| 4. Leveraging Top Job Boards to Land Your Next Programming Role

4. Leveraging Top Job Boards to Land Your Next Programming Role

The purpose of this guide is to maximize the performance of your job search as a software engineer. This guide is provided by John, a seasoned software engineer with a decade of experience at well-known companies like Amazon and Capital One.

This article summarizes the highlights of a detailed data analysis on the topic from John titled "75+ Job Boards Analyzed! Use these Top 8 to Succeed!" Watch the full video for a comprehensive understanding and explore the detailed spreadsheet for more data, including additional platforms.

John's approach focuses on job boards that offer one-click or easy apply options, as well as bulk apply features. These criteria are designed to maximize a candidate's efficiency and exposure to potential employers.

  1. Known for its bulk apply feature, it requires candidates to pass an initial assessment. Candidates must complete skill assessments which are crucial for unlocking opportunities on this platform.
  2. LinkedIn Jobs: Offers easy apply and optional premium features for increased visibility.
  3. Indeed: Easy apply available with additional services for resume optimization.
  4. Offers bulk apply and optional career coaching services.
  5. Otta
  6. Wellfound: Known for its easy apply feature.
  7. BuiltIn
  8. WorkAtAStartup: Offers a bulk apply feature. Affiliated with Y Combinator.

Specialized Services for High-Value Candidates

For individuals with a high time value, services like The Ladders and Wonsulting offer an 'Apply for Me' service, albeit at a cost. This is especially useful for those willing to invest financially in their job search.

Additional Platforms with Potential

There are seven additional platforms identified by John, which could be beneficial for specific needs. They are detailed on the provided spreadsheet.

Qualified Job Titles

Note that many job titles have spelling variants. Consult Google Trends to select the recommended variant for your resume, LinkedIn Profile, and other written communication using an SEO mindset.

Ladderly recommends consulting the Google Trends 12 month view. In this view, for instance, we currently see that Fullstack Developer is a preferred spelling to Full-Stack Developer.

Job Titles include:

  1. Front End Developer
  2. Fullstack Developer
  3. UI Developer, UX Developer, and/or UI/UX Developer
  4. Software Developer
  5. Web Developer or Web Application Developer
  6. JavaScript Developer
  7. TypeScript Developer
  8. React Developer
  9. Angular Developer
  10. Vue Developer
  11. App Developer or Application Developer
  12. Junior Developer

Specializations can include:

  • Security, Infosec, or Cybersec
  • DevOps*
  • Testing*
  • SEO*
  • Accessibility*
  • Data Visualization*
  • Backend Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Data Engineering, Data Science, and DataOps
  • Learning Other Languages**

Ladderly recommends continuous skill development concurrent with the job search. You can learn a specialization after obtaining an entry-level role, or you can potentially start to specialize even while you are on the entry-level role job search!

*Specializations marked with an asterisk are considered junior-friendly specializations.

**Learning multiple languages as a junior is discouraged. This is a great specialization at the intermediate to senior level.

The Takeaway

John recommends using 3-10 job boards to strike the right balance in your job search. Applying to 50-100 positions per week using these platforms can significantly enhance your job search effectiveness.


John's blend of personal experience and analytical approach makes this guide a must-follow for anyone in the programming field. Remember, it’s about finding the right tools and striking the balance for your unique situation.

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