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Ladderly Privacy Policy

Does collect anonymous data?

When you use the website, we may collect some anonymous data to understand how users interact with site. Such information may include the browser you are using and which pages you have visited.

In what situations does collect personal data?

If you create a account, we collect some personal data to track your progress and to customize your user experience. If you make a purchase in the store, we collect data to ensure proper delivery and for tax accounting reasons.

Can I use anonymously?

Yes, you can access resources without creating an account. Without an account, no personal data about you is collected.

If I create an account, what data will you collect?

A valid email address is required to create an account. You can also add more information about yourself in your user profile, though this is entirely optional.

Can any other organizations access my data?

We do not sell your data, though we do utilize some third party tools. For example, utilizes Vercel and Supabase. You can check their respective privacy policies for assurance.

I have questions about my privacy on Ladderly

We're here to help. Reach out at [email protected].

How can I find out about changes?

This version of the privacy Q&A was last updated on 9/30/2023. Keep an eye on your emails for any future updates or changes.